New WorkSiteRight Health Partnership Benefits Iowans

Rob Karwath for NWHSU | April 09, 2019

Iowa Chiropractic Society and WorkSiteRight seek more workplace clinics.

Iowa Chiropractic Society and WorkSiteRight at Northwestern Health Sciences University today announced a partnership that will provide education, training and support to Iowa chiropractors so they can establish on-site health programs at corporations, factories, farms and other workplaces statewide.

The partnership comes as health officials, community leaders, health care providers and legislators in Iowa and nationwide seek solutions to issues including addiction to opioid drugs prescribed for pain, record hospital emergency-room visits and rising health care costs.

The innovative partnership is designed to help chiropractors and local employers open on-site clinics at a wide variety of businesses and bring direct health care under the WorkSiteRight model to companies and their employees.

Since 2015, WorkSiteRight has partnered with local chiropractors and employers to open on-site clinics at businesses nationwide. The clinics, which are free to employees, enhance health, treat injuries, provide education about ergonomics and other workplace best practices, reduce health costs and boost employee morale.

WorkSiteRight began through efforts of researchers and educators at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota. Since 2015, the program has partnered with companies and their employees to start and operate on-site health clinics and programs that prevent and treat injuries caused by strain and overuse. Work by the program’s experienced team of health providers reduces long-term health risks and motivates employees to better health.

In the WorkSiteRight model, a local chiropractor establishes a clinic at the employer’s place of business. Employees at the business consult with the chiropractor, and perhaps other health providers, free of charge during working hours for aches and pain often related to neuromuscular and skeletal issues. Chiropractors also educate employees about how to properly lift, perform repetitive motions, sit and do office work—all with the goal of preventing injuries.

Studies conducted by WorkSiteRight have shown that employers typically can save at least $4 for every $1 invested in on-site care. The savings come from reduced employee injuries, less employee absenteeism and lower employee health insurance premiums.

“This opportunity to work with doctors of chiropractic across Iowa will help us reach more of the people of Iowa,” said Dr. Chad Henriksen, director of WorkSiteRight and a chiropractor. “Our clinics have proven important and valuable to employers and employees across the country. Our model has become the industry leader for small and mid-sized businesses, and we’re pleased to bring it to Iowa.”

He added: “The best way for us to build relationships is to provide support for chiropractors. They know their communities and are trusted by local employers and employees. We can offer chiropractors a model that works, allowing them to start clinics and begin sharing the benefits of WorkSiteRight almost immediately.”

The Society and WorkSiteRight announced the partnership at the start of the Society’s annual convention in Des Moines, attended by hundreds of Iowa chiropractors. More than 1,200 licensed, active chiropractors practice in Iowa, and more than half are Society members, said Molly Lopez, the society’s executive director.

“Our doctors practice in both large and small communities in Iowa,” Lopez said. “Many are interested in on-site health clinics, and some have already made headway in developing programs. But until now they have not had a systematic program like WorkSiteRight, which can help our doctors do a better job of engaging employers and making them aware of the benefits of on-site programs to their employees.”

She added: “Our Society has identified on-site wellness as a strategic priority. We want to make sure our doctors know this opportunity is available to them, their patients and their communities. In cities and towns across Iowa, chiropractors know and care for their patients. These are their neighbors, people who sit next to them in church and friends who participate in community activities. Our doctors want to keep them healthy and happy.”

The Iowa Chiropractic Society, based in Ankeny, is the only professional membership organization serving doctors of chiropractic in Iowa. Since its founding in 1964, the society has taken a lead in advocating for the rights of chiropractic patients and doctors. The society seeks to ensure patient access to a comprehensive range of health care services for patients, including chiropractic.