Special Presentation - 2013 Oncology Massage Healing Summit

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Now I Must Begin Again: A True-Life Story of One Woman’s Final Journey

Presented by Megan Cole

Megan Cole has transcribed and performs the diary of Dorothy Pitkin, who spent her last months in a nursing home and died in 1973 at the age of 75. Pitkin was fiercely independent, funny, fearful and brave. She was a writer and photographer, and detailed her experiences with an artist's eye.

At the end of her life, she struggled with the stripping away of dignity so common to drawn-out end-stage disease, but she also lived to the end of her days with a fervent love of life. As her son, Michael, wrote after her death, "Dorothy celebrated life's terrible beauty." 


In the world of medical theatre, there is no one quite like Megan Cole, an award-winning actor of stage and screen. As a renowned lecturer in the halls of both arts and sciences, Cole combines these forms to facilitate groups of healthcare professionals in the skills of empathic communication. Known both for her ground-breaking portrayal of Dr. Vivian Bearing in the play, Wit, and for her work at medical teaching hospitals, she is a resource to doctors and patients alike.

Cole has performed at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, the Oregon State Palliative Care Conference, and the Mayo Clinic Continuing Nursing Education Conference. Her performances are well-received, including elements of humor, poignancy, rage, sorrow and joy.

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