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Example Student Proposal

Responsibilities of the faculty advisor

Each advisor/student relationship will be unique, but all faculty who serve as advisors for student research are expected to:

Set aside adequate time to meet with their student regularly and support the student‘s activities on the project throughout the term of the project

Assist the student to develop the research protocol, providing direction and critical feedback; assist in responding to peer review

Assist the student to prepare the IRB application if the research involves human subjects

Provide guidance and monitor research activities and progress

Assist their student to write a manuscript describing their original research

Guide the student in the development of their poster for presentation

Communicate with the Executive Director of Research and Innovation any difficulties that may hinder the progress of the student’s research

Help keep the scholar “on-track.”  The student should be held accountable for his/her time and quality of work and effort

Provide an open learning environment where the student feels comfortable asking questions

Be committed and have the capacity and time to be directly involved with, and supportive of, the student’s research

Responsibilites of the student

Completion of work on the proposed research project

Completion of CITI education modules and any additional training as required prior to beginning the research project

Completion of an IRB applicaiton if the research involves human subjects

Completion of a final presentation/paper


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