Ergonomic Intervention and Training

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We’re practical people. Affordable adaptations and employee education can often go a long way to reducing illness and injury and increasing productivity.

Our ergonomic recommendations and training will be focused on how you can maximize your current working conditions and prioritize long-term needs.

Ergonomic intervention and training

  • Addresses the critical role of workplace design in the prevention of workplace and non-workplace illness and injury
  • Increases awareness of the role of applied ergonomics in workplace efficiency and improved productivity - including the design and use of hand tools, control and display devices
  • Uses administrative and engineering interventions to reduce workplace health risks
  • Assesses employee training and work application

Lifting/manual materials handling training

  • Provides employees with proven, state-of-the-art techniques for safe lifting and manual materials handling, tailored to their individual work assignments

Micro-breaks/stretching training

  • Helps employees understand the stresses involved in prolonged postures and the need to provide bodily movement and diversion in their daily tasks
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