Needs Assessment and Loss Source Analysis

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To develop the best solutions to meet your health, wellness and safety goals, we start with an in-depth assessment which examines management, employees, facilities and documentation - and conduct a loss-source analysis.

We utilize questionnaires, interviews and facility reviews to prioritize your company’s needs and identify costs associated with illness and injury.

Needs assessment

Management assessment

  • Determine levels of communication between senior and middle management teams
  • Ascertain the level of a company-wide culture of health, wellness and safety

Employee assessment

  • Employee health status assessment
  • Employee attitude and morale assessment

Facility review

  • Comprehensive assessment of workplace ergonomics to isolate areas of increased risk or hazards

Documentation review

  • Comprehensive assessment of data relating to workplace injuries and general health issues

Loss-source analysis

As part of the management assessment, we obtain a clear understanding of, and have access to timely and accurate data regarding all work-related and non-work-related illness and injury. We also examine costs related to:

  • Direct costs
  • Indirect costs
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