Kayla M. Bauer

Kayla Bauer
Project Coordinator
Clinical Services

Personal Information


Currently Teaching (2014-2015)

As a supervisor of massage therapy students in the hospital setting, my interests are in promoting massage therapy as a profession. I enjoy focusing my attention on how the field has adapted and grown. I believe strongly that the techniques used, policies of the profession, and ethics of the field are all important parts of a therapeutic massage session. 

I am excited to be working in a hospital environment and to witness firsthand how major hospitals have integrated natural approaches to healing. I am glad to be a part of the profession as it expands its role within the health care field.

Anatomy is a passion of mine - how the body functions, systems working together, and how the body responds physically, chemically, neurologically, emotionally and spiritually.

In my current work, I focus on how each individual is different and may have different treatment goals or outcomes from massage therapy treatment.


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