Martin S. Javinsky

Martin Javinsky
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Currently Teaching (2017-2018)

As a massage therapist, I appreciate the power of healthy touch. A good massage softens the muscles, calms the psyche and promotes the emergence of a more peaceful spirit. Also, it just plain feels good. Touch is but one aspect of massage - just as profound is the energy that passes between therapist and client.

As a practitioner of energy medicine (Kabbalistic healing, Reiki) and a student of Chinese medicine, I am deeply fascinated by that exchange of energy - healing that can happen by thought and intention rather than touch.

In Northwestern’s School of Massage Therapy, students enter the world of touch, energy and healing and they are transformed in the process. I witness so many students who come to school just to learn massage and leave with so much more: confidence, compassion, self-awareness, connection - and the list goes on. Throughout their journey, they are in need of guidance and mentoring, as well as instruction. As a clinic supervisor, I am here to provide all three and I am honored to support our students as they grow in ways they never imagined.


  • Certificate in Massage Therapy, 1992
  • Master of Acupuncture - Northwestern Health Sciences University, 2014
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