Thomas S. Braem

Tom Braem
Associate Professor
Undergraduate Health Sciences
Associate Professor
Massage Therapy Programs

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Currently Teaching (2017-2018)

My interests encompass areas involving education and research. Presenting often complex basic science concepts to a wide variety of students with varying educational backgrounds and abilities can be challenging. I have particular interest in educational strategies that may be employed in classroom, lab and/or online settings to achieve an effective presentation of course material to a diverse group of students. One such approach that I am presently exploring is the use of virtual anatomy presentations as an alternative method or way to complement dissections.

In addition, evidence-based research in the roles of exercise, nutrition and massage therapy in the prevention and treatment of disease is a broad area of interest. Currently, I am focusing on metabolic syndrome and other metabolic disorders.

Finally, there is a lack of consensus about the primary, secondary or tertiary roles that individual muscles play in producing movements. I have great interest in discerning these roles, and applying them to exercise regimens in situations of both health and disease as well as conveying this information in the classroom.


  • Bachelor of Arts - St. Olaf College, 1982
  • Master of Science - St. Cloud State University, 1990
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