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Beau Foshee, student, College of Chiropractic

A fellow student nominated Foshee for this honor, "Beau is an exemplary advocate for underrepresented individuals and viewpoints on campus and a fine and desperately needed addition to our campus. He is intrinsically involved in all levels of participation at the University and in the community. I cannot think of a more worthy student for this award."


Michael Romanksi, student, College of Chiropractic

In the words of one of Northwestern's faculty members, "Michael made an appointment to come by my office to discuss a remark I had made in class. He did so in a very respectful manner. He was articulate and the tone he struck was just perfect for me not to feel unduly defensive, but still be accountable for my actions. I know it's not always easy for students to meet their professors on an equal footing. I appreciate Michael's commitment to seeking justice even if it might have been uncomfortable for him."

Kathy Allen, associate dean of academic services, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Program

Kathy Allen works with a very diverse group of faculty members and students and shows the utmost respect for all people. She honors the inherent dignity and value of each person. She goes beyond tolerance - she accepts all aspects of diversity and advocates for a fair, warm and welcoming university environment for all people.

Students feel comfortable and supported under her leadership, regardless of who they are or from where they come. Allen and the College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine were the first to understand the need and create changes to support Northwestern's LGBT students. She supports the University's efforts toward creating a more inclusive environment and continues to create new ways Northwestern can be more inclusive for all.


Narate (Judie) Keys, student, Undergraduate Health Sciences Program

Narate (Judie) Keys is a working toward a bachelor of science in human biology and, eventually, a doctor of chiropractic. She is a published poet and has written and given readings locally on subjects surrounding her personal history as a Cambodian-American, moving from a refugee camp in Thailand to citizenship in the United States. She works with the city of Eagan promoting and planning such programs as "poetry jams."

Keys is a hard-working and an optimistic person. She models a drive to integrate into her new country, while continuing to value her cultural background. She actively promotes poetry and the dignity of people from all cultures.

Kimberly Christensen, student, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Program

Kim Christensen is a vibrant and energetic champion for dignity and respect at Northwestern Health Sciences University. In her short time here, she has awakened the Northwestern Open Doors student club which encourages a community of inclusiveness and support for GLBT people.

Christensen is also assisting Dr. Alejandra Dashe with organizing Safe Space training which can benefit all members of the University community. Her courage and dedication to promoting a safe and supportive environment within the University is inspiring. Her continued dedication will lead to higher quality education and patient services.

Deborah Hogenson, former director, Human Resources

Deborah Hogenson treats everyone on campus with dignity and respect. She seeks justice and challenges others to consider the way that their actions impact others. She is a behind-the-scenes kind of person who has a great positive influence on campus. We would not be the welcoming university we are today without her!

Hogenson's goal is to improve the awareness and acceptance of diversity, inclusion, equity and justice at Northwestern and in health care in general. She is diligently working on bringing diversity training to Northwestern to teach the Northwestern community to make this happen. She also sends key Northwestern representatives to diversity conferences to keep our knowledge fresh and current.

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