Voices of Diversity

What does diversity mean for you?

Emma Broderick – “Vitality”
“Diversity is essential to the vitality of all environments. For the purpose of spreading awareness and expanding perspectives it has been important for me to be apart of diverse experiences and to immerse myself in a wide-range of communities. I have grown a lot as an individual from cross-cultural exchange.”

Jessica Keesling – “Individuality”
“Diversity is individuality. It does not need to be defined, but it’s beautifully expressed.”

Nathalie Sawinski – “A driving force”
“Diversity is not simply important, it is urgent. Urgent for every organization, from the first day of school to the last day of college – and in our workplace – to teach everyone that there is strength and beauty in diversity.

According to the United Nations, the cultural dimension is present in 3/4 of our world conflicts. This number alone summarizes the importance of diversity and the urgent need to bridge the gap between cultures to reach peace, stability and development.

As an immigrant from Europe and someone who has travelled in many countries, diversity is not only important to me but it is also a fabric of my life, my universe has always been characterized by diversity. In many ways it is diversity in the world and in our communities that has helped me to face personal fear and many challenges.

However, whether you have traveled or not, it is also important to each one of us because cultural diversity is a driving force for everyone. Not only concerning the economic growth we can share together, but also to leading a more fulfilling intellectual, emotional, spiritual and moral life.”

Why is diversity important to our Northwestern community?

Celia Peters – “To fulfill a larger purpose”
“I believe it takes multiple individuals with specific skill-sets to fulfill the larger purpose of the group. Here at Northwestern, we strive to celebrate each person’s unique qualities, while being unified by our passion for serving others.”

Lanna Schwab – “The more we are exposed to, the more we learn”
“Everyone on this planet has something to teach each other. We are all humans and we all have value. It is important for me to recognize and honor the differences that create diversity. If we were all similar, the world would be so boring.

Northwestern strives to create a welcoming and tolerant environment. In clinical rotations, we are exposed to ‘different’ or unseen populations to help us become more aware of what we might encounter as healthcare providers. There are also student activities to advocate for misunderstood and misrepresented populations. The more we are exposed to, the more we learn.”

Why is diversity important to our healthcare professions?

Carolyn Filla – “Our patients need to feel important”
“I understand the desire to feel accepted, understood and recognized as valuable. Too often in health care, people are just treated through a “one size fits all” regimen. I hope to treat my patients as more than that, embrace the differences between us, and make them feel as though they are the most important person in the world.”

Jasmine Hanson – “Be a more understanding practitioner”
“The population is expected to grow and become more diverse in the U.S. It is important to understand and respect one another’s differences so that I can be an understanding practitioner for my patients.”

Michelle Speranza – “Deliver the best care possible”
“Each individual has something unique to contribute to their community, which allows society as a whole to develop and grow in new ways. Diversity in terms of culture, belief systems, heritage, age, gender, educational experience, and more is important for providing different insights and perspectives on various situations and can create special bonds between people. Additionally, as healthcare providers it is important to recognize different cultural customs and beliefs so that we can create meaningful relationships with our patients and deliver the best quality of care possible. Diversity is absolutely necessary for our society to continue to continue to evolve.”