Force Sensing Table Technology

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You can help Northwestern advance our technique curriculum

New state-of-the-art technology is enhancing the way we teach chiropractic methods. Think of the possibilities:

  • A learning device that provides instantaneous feedback on manual adjustments
  • A teaching device so precise, chiropractic students can perfect and finely tune their manual treatment skills by using new technology and instant feedback

We're asking for your "Dollars for Dummies" (No, not us! The mannequin!) to provide our students with the ability to master manipulation, mobilization and soft-tissue massage skills in a way that until now, was unavailable.

Force Sensing Table Technology™ is the future of education

The Force Sensing Table Technology (FSTT) device is an advanced learning assessment tool that is one of the most innovative developments in chiropractic education. The table is equipped with a foam Adult Analog Manikin on which students practice manipulations, accurately mimicking human tissue response to chiropractic manual manipulation.

Enhance our students' motor skills development

FSTT provides instantaneous data on loads transmitted by the student in delivering a spinal manipulation. Immediate objective feedback of the student's performance is displayed in a force-time profile which can be compared to expert force-time profiles. Students then use this feedback to model the desired behavior.

Help us "Use the Force!"

Your donation can help Northwestern purchase one of these Force Sensing Table Technology devices to benefit our students and position us at the forefront of 21st century teaching technology.

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