Donald B. Deal

Don Deal
Associate Professor
Undergraduate Health Sciences
Associate Professor
Undergraduate Health Sciences

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Currently Teaching (2017-2018)

I received my BA in chemistry from Occidental College and a PhD in chemistry from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). My thesis project involved the properties of optically active solids and was performed in conjunction with the UCLA Physics Department. Throughout my time at UCLA, I was a teaching assistant in general chemistry and instrumental analysis, winning a “TA of the Year” award in the process.

For several years after receiving my doctorate, I worked in the electronics industry as a process engineer and manager with such companies as Honeywell and Seagate. My duties in industry included the delivery of numerous presentations on many aspects of technology to both industry groups and to a variety of universities. I also developed and taught several courses including Overview of Semiconductor Processing, Overview of Read/Write Head Manufacturing, Corrosion in Hard Drives and Introductory Chemistry.

In 2004, I was hired by Northwestern Health Sciences University to teach an accelerated course in General Chemistry. After one year of teaching, the demand for the class required that it be offered all three trimesters, and after another year, I was asked to also teach the General Physics class. The success of these endeavors led me to accept full time employment as an assistant professor in 2006. In 2010, I became director of Undergraduate Studies and from 2011-2012, I served as associate dean of the College of Undergraduate Health Sciences. I am working to expand and improve this successful and growing college. I am also responsible for coordinating and teaching the basic sciences portion of Northwestern's annual Science Academy for Twin Cities high school students.

My goal in science education is to provide insight into the basic sciences while applying this insight into real life topics of interest including health, energy, the environment and technology. My strategy to achieve this goal is to provide a safe, fun and exciting environment so that everyone can appreciate and learn about the universe.


  • Bachelor of Arts - Occidental College, 1976
  • Doctor of Philosophy - UCLA, 1982
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