Alejandra Estrin Dashe

Personal Information


Currently Teaching (2017-2018)

I’ve always had an interest in human cultural and biological diversity. This interest led me to become a biological anthropologist. I studied anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to achieve this goal. My research was on stress, social support and acculturating immigrant communities. My work took place at an urban complementary healthcare clinic in Milwaukee, WI. I observed immigrant Mexican women in their day-to-day lives and learned about how they used social support to handle biological and psychological stress. 

Since then, I have grown in my academic career as a science and diversity educator. At Northwestern Health Sciences University, I teach several natural and social science classes and mentor several students and cultural clubs on leadership and social justice. In my spare time, I am a devoted volunteer with several social justice and leadership-based organizations, enjoy gardening, and spending time with my family.  


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