Jim Hulbert

Personal Information


Currently Teaching (2014-2015)

I have been a German language teacher, Peace Corps volunteer agriculture science teacher in Malaysia, dairy worker in northern Japan, statistical consultant for the University of Iowa College of Medicine and Northwestern researcher.

Since 2002, I have been providing bachelor’s degree in human biology completion and undergraduate students with a chance to learn English, critical-thinking, ethics and research survival skills. These courses require standard English and effective writing - including clinical referral letters, press releases, letters to the editor, essays on clinical ethics and patient-useful research reviews. I believe that primary care clinical practice is an extremely challenging and complicated job, and students in the BS completion program will need both clinical skills and a good general education to survive.

I have also assisted with the operation of the small clinic, La Clinica de la Mariposa in Costa Rica, since its founding by Tom Davis, DC, in 2000. La Clinica provides integrated clinical care to over 5500 patients and clinical training to over 100 student-interns. As one student intern said, “I went to Costa Rica a student and I came back a doctor.”

My hobbies have include bicycle racing, and dog breeding and showing. In 2008, I worked with doctors of chiropractic and veterinarians to get animal chiropractic legalized in Minnesota.


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