Steven R. Schroer

Steven Schroer
Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Health Sciences

Personal Information


Currently Teaching (2017-2018)

Apart from raising my sons, I have done two main things with my life: I have been a teacher for universities and arts organizations; and I have been a playwright and director in the professional theater.

I might hold the record for widest range of courses taught at the college level. At NWHSU I teach history, ethics, and communications. At other universities I have also taught film, theater, literature, creative writing, and general creativity.

Many years ago, I served as director of the first official student theater program at the University of Chicago. While in Chicago, I founded and ran a small theater company; later I did the same in the Twin Cities. I have written and directed close to thirty plays, many of which are based on works of literature never previously adapted for the stage.



  • Master of Arts - University of Minnesota, 1998
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