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Emergency closings

If weather conditions or other emergency situations make it impossible to come to work, arrive late or leave early, employees must contact their supervisor. Employees may take this time without pay or use PTO hours according to the policy. If it becomes necessary to close the operation, such decisions will be made at management's discretion, and employees may be paid for these situations.

Catastrophic illness

Sometimes employees of the University are faced with a prolonged serious, extreme or life-threatening illness, injury, impairment or physical or mental condition which is likely to cause the employee to take leave without pay. Under these circumstances, the University allows employees with accrued, unused PTO to donate from one to five (5) days of their current year's PTO accrual to the employee experiencing a leave of absence without pay. The donated time can be used for this sick leave only and is subject to the terms and conditions of the sick leave only program.

In order to be eligible to receive donated time, an employee must have six (6) months continuous employment with the University and have exhausted all PTO, paid leave time and sick leave only. Employees receiving benefits from worker's compensation, short term disability or long term disability are not eligible to receive donations.

Time off to vote

The University believes that each employee should have the opportunity to exercise his/her right to vote in a general election. Since the polls are open extended hours, in most instances employees will be able to vote before or after work. However, if an employee's work schedule does not provide him/her with time to vote during non-working hours, he/she will be granted reasonable time off to vote during work hours according to legal requirements. The University asks that the employee notify his/her supervisor in advance if he/she anticipates a need to take time off work to vote.

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