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Heal Others. Improve Lives. Earn a Comprehensive Education Toward a Successful Career in Health Sciences.

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Northwestern Health Sciences University prepares you for success in the fastest-growing areas of natural healthcare

You’ll receive an evidence-based education grounded in sciences, exposure to complementary healthcare fields through our integrative care model, while gaining hands-on clinical experience.

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Learn from Healthcare Professionals in Classroom and Clinical Settings

Get real-world education from leaders in in your field. You’ll apply learned classroom material in our public and student clinics, assisting healthcare practitioners in treating clinic patients. Students at NWHSU receive 2–3 times the hands-on experience required for board certification.

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Develop the Tools You Need for a Successful Practice in Health Sciences

Our university is centered around setting you up for professional success. Graduating from NWHSU prepares you to work in a clinic, for an organization, or open your own practice. You get a practical health sciences education from people working in the fastest-growing fields of health care. You’ll be ready to help it grow from day one.

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Discover the Professional Benefits of an Integrative Model of Care

You can expand your credentials and gain a competitive edge beyond your chosen field. We train the next generation of healers – massage therapists, acupuncturists, Chinese medicine practitioners, nutrition experts and chiropractic – right here, all in one place. You will study alongside like-minded students in various healthcare disciplines as you learn. Studying with fellow healers-to-be prepares you for a collaborative approach that is becoming increasingly common in hospitals, medical clinics, chiropractic offices and other healthcare facilities.

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At NWHSU, Helping People is at The Center of Your Education

You have a passion for healing. You have a desire to help people live better. You feel called to serve others. You want a future doing work that matters. That’s your passion. Ours is helping you apply your knowledge with empathy and care that puts people first. We’re here to help you transform your passion into a profession.

Find Your Future at NWHSU. Join us for Discovery Day on November 2nd!

On Discovery Day, we open our doors to prospective students. Come tour our campus and talk with faculty, students and staff about our programs. See live demonstrations of the techniques we teach, learn about the vast array of clinical experiences and internship opportunities available to students, visit must-see spots on campus, and more.

NWHSU Clinics: Providing Integrative Healthcare Services To The Public and Educating Students

NWHSU is committed to serving our community. We treat patients in our robust clinics that offer chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, naturopathic, and physical therapy services, available to the public in the Twin Cities area. Students receive hands-on education under the supervision of healthcare professionals, giving patients the attention they deserve.

It’s a person-centered and collaborative approach to health, It’s how we serve. It’s how we heal.

Continuing Education

We make it convenient for chiropractors, acupuncturists and Chinese medicine practitioners, and massage therapists to stay compliant with state and federal regulations and stay abreast of the latest technologies and advances in their fields. Through our user-friendly online shopping cart, you can easily sign up for online or in-person courses and fulfill continuing education requirements on your own time.

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Why do people choose NWHSU? Here’s just a few of the reasons!

  • Learn through an evidence-based curriculum rooted in science
  • Receive dedicated attention and support from a high instructor-to-student ratio
  • Enjoy a dynamic student social life, have fun, learn from peers, and establish lifelong connections
  • Participate in over 50 clubs, and teams and athletic organizations
  • Discover our on-campus library, herbal dispensary, bookstore, pool, fitness center, gym, student lounge and heart-healthy café
  • Learn from experts at lectures, conferences, and seminars
    Meet our highly-engaged alumni network, expanding your professional opportunities
  • Graduate confident and ready to launch your career

See why NWHSU is right for you!

“NWHSU has the flexibility in the evening program to allow me to continue to work full-time and take classes in the evenings.”

“NWHSU has all the resources that you’ll need from a top notch education including challenging science and business classes, hands-on real-world clinical experiences, and career development services, just to name a few. The school has so much to offer I couldn’t even begin to cover it all.”

Julie Larson  -  NWHSU Massage Therapy Alum


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NWHSU at a Glance

At NWHSU, we focus on giving our students the best natural wellness education, and the best professional opportunities.


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Student Enrollment


Average Student-Faculty Ratio


Of Faculty Hold the Highest Degree In Their Field

See Yourself Improving The Future of Integrative Care

The future of medicine is patient-centered integrative care that brings a multidisciplinary approach to the health and well-being of every individual. At NWHSU, we’re developing a culture of healing that will improve health around the world.

We want you to be part of that.

Learn to Heal Others At Northwestern Health Sciences University

What does it mean to learn at NWHSU? It means preparing yourself for a successful career helping others. It means finding a path toward personal and professional fulfillment. We believe the two can work together, which is why at NWHSU you will:

  • Learn from healthcare practitioners and leaders in your field
  • Practice hands-on health services at our public clinics
  • Prepare for a successful career in natural health
  • Discover the professional and personal benefits of complementary whole-health education
  • Take the classes you need to further your health career

Learn more about NWHSU