Student Senate Committees

Athletic Committee

Plans and organizes university sports programs to promote health and fitness.

Cafeteria Committee

Serves as liaison to cafeteria management to influence food choices with students in mind.


Coordinates with the clubs for events, making sure the clubs keep their bulletin boards updated. Also reevaluates bylaws to make sure that they meet the needs of the student body and Northwestern.

Education Committee

Takes care of MASH notes for students, organizes board reviews and provides occasional treats during midterms or finals.

Food Committee

Furnishes food for weekly Student Senate meetings.

Green Committee

Makes the campus more environmentally friendly through programs of reduction, reuse and recycling.

House Committee

Helps keep the internal aesthetics of the buildings pleasing and functional. Maintenance of the Fitness Center is also a responsibility of this committee.

Pregnancy and Parenting Advocates

Maintains lactation room, represents students who are pregnant or who have young children, and creates family-friendly events for students. Check us out on Facebook

Social Committee

Organizes the main University social events.

Speaker's Bureau

Creates opportunities for speaker events that are useful for all Northwestern students.

Volunteer Committee

Organizes ways for Northwestern to give back to the local community and to further advance the University’s image in the community.

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