Discover the Potential of a Radiation Therapy Degree

Radiation therapists are a vital part of care for patients who are battling life-threatening illness. In our Radiation Therapist Program, you’ll learn to treat cancer patients of all ages by administering prescribed doses of ionizing radiation to specific areas of the patient’s body.

A Great Healthcare Career, Doing Important Work

The expansion of healthcare along with aging populations continues to provide strong career growth opportunities for radiation therapists. The Radiation Therapy Program includes coursework, lab sessions and a supervised clinical training experience that teach students to operate both imaging and treatment equipment. You will also learn to carry out tests to help diagnose and treat patients.

Work with Radiation Oncologists, Medical Physicists, Medical Dosimetrists, Nurses and more!

In your radiation therapy career, you’ll work in coordination with other members of the care team to implement therapeutic treatment plans for cancer patients. During your career as a radiation therapist, you’ll work under the direction of radiation oncologists to administer radiation treatments to cancer patients using the latest in radiation therapy technology and processes.