Tuition and Fees – College of Chiropractic

Block TuitionSummer 2020
T1-T10 (per trimester)$11,690
Other Fees:
Application Fee (to accompany application)$50
University Fee (per trimester)$190
Student Activity Fee (per trimester)$65
Lab Fee (per lab)$50
SACA Fee (T1 only)$60
Graduation Fee (paid in last term of study)$150
Elective Courses (per credit hour)*$452

*College of Chiropractic students must complete four elective courses, 3/4 of a credit each, in any of Trimesters 7-9. This works out to 3 credits at $452 each, for a total of $1356.

**Books and Supplies (estimated)
Costs are calculated assuming that students purchase all required books and supplies. Some texts are used in multiple courses. The one-time purchase of a student’s doctor’s bag occurs in T4. The doctor’s bag is a compilation of treatment and diagnostic tools. Its total cost depends on the quality of items contained within. Check with the University Bookstore for more details.