Tuition & Fees

Chiropractic Program

Tuition average per Trimester $12,659
Tuition Trimesters 1 to 9 (14 – 32.5 credits) $13,372
Tuition Trimester 10 $6,242
Per credit tuition for less than 14 credits or more than 32.5 credits $624
Total Trimesters 10
Total Credits 222.58
Other Fees
Application Processing Fee (to accompany application) $50
University Fee (per trimester) $275
Lab Fee (per lab) $50
Total tuition cost depends on a number of factors, including transfer credits and repeated courses. Without these considerations, this program has an estimated tuition cost of $126,590.
T8/T9 Combined:  Students may complete their course requirements ahead of schedule by taking T9 courses during their T8 as part of early preceptorship eligibility.  This combined T8 accelerates entry to preceptorship but the two terms will be separated for tuition purposes, with each charged at the regular rate of $13,372.


*College of Chiropractic students – See your My progress page in self-service to determine the number of elective and selective course requirements.  There is no charge for the Practice and Professionalism Selective or Health Promotions Selective courses unless they are used to meet the additional elective requirements.

**Books and Supplies (estimated)
Costs are calculated assuming that students purchase all required books and supplies. Some texts are used in multiple courses. The one-time purchase of a student’s doctor’s bag occurs in T4. The doctor’s bag is a compilation of treatment and diagnostic tools. Its total cost depends on the quality of items contained within. Check with the University Bookstore for more details.

T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9
$1,035 $1,200 $379 $1,960 $1,542 $165 $586 $845 $165