Starting and Managing a Student Club or Organization

Start a student club or organization

Any student can start a student club or organization at any time during the academic year. To become officially recognized, students must submit  the following:

Each club must have an advisor and go through the entire recognition process every academic year. Each academic term, organization leaders must submit an updated list of officers and members to the Office of Student Affairs. For more information regarding student organization guidelines, refer to the Student Organization Leader Guidebook (pdf).

Fund your student club

At the beginning of each trimester, clubs and organizations may apply for funding from the Student Senate for the current trimester. Funds will be granted based upon completion of requirements and eligibility. Funding requirements are outlined in the Student Senate budget proposal guidelines (listed below). Funds will be distributed through expense vouchers (listed below) or by providing a purchase order and voucher at least one week prior to the time the money is needed.

Schedule club meetings, events, and speakers

Student organizations that wish to hold an event or speaker on campus must complete the event registration form at least two weeks in advance. To schedule events and activities, submit the form below:

Submit online

If you’re bringing a speaker to campus, please have them fill out the following forms:

Make a change in your club

Change in Club Name, Advisor, or Student Leadership: