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Clinical Experience

Preparing you for your career, your clinical experiences will come early, often and in many forms. Read more

Experienced Clinical Faculty

Northwestern faculty are experienced providers in their field, bringing real-world knowledge to the classroom. Read more

Integrative Approach

Be part of discovering new and innovative ways to provide more responsive care to patients. Read more

Jessica Brown

alumnus jessica brown (small)

I liked that there was a strong Western medicine component to our traditional Chinese medicine curriculum. More

Katherine Krumwiede

alumnus katherine krumwiede (small)

I loved the fact that three different disciplines were studying together. More

Kerri Casey

alumnus kerri casey (small)

I really liked the integration of the Eastern classes with the Western classes. More

Michael Egan

alumnus michael egan (small)

I learned the heart of Chinese medicine, a wonderful way of looking at human life. More

Nicole Larsen

alumnus nicole larsen (small)

I wanted to study side-by-side with chiropractic and massage therapy students. More

Peggy Miller

Peggy Miller

Instructors were amazing and shared astonishing knowledge. More

Chris Volesky

alumnus chris volesky (small)

The faculty are mentors, always willing to take the time to help. More

Stacy Degen

alumnus stacy degen (small)

The campus community from staff to faculty to other students is unbelievable. More

Dr. Mary Selly-Navarro

alumnus mary selly navarro (small)

Northwestern is in front when it comes to education in an evidence-informed environment. More

Dr. Krystle Lieberman

alumnus krystle lieberman (small)

The classes are tough but the education is priceless. More

Dr. Phillip Rand

Dr. Phil Rand

Northwestern gives students a lot of opportunities to work with real patients. More

Dr. Cody Hoefert

cody hoefert

Northwestern teaches students how to be a doctor of chiropractic and not just a chiropractor. More

Dr. Katy Lundell

alumnus katy lundell (small)

Students will get the highest quality education in chiropractic at Northwestern. More

Dr. Lewis Pagel

alumnus lewis pagel (thumbnail)

I was most impressed with Northwestern’s efforts in the science and research of chiropractic. More

Dr. Linda Hanson

alumnus linda hanson (small)

Northwestern gives future doctors the tools necessary to provide excellent care to patients. More

Dr. Mark Garnett

alumnus mark garnett (small)

Northwestern faculty conveyed the message ‘you can do this too.’ More

Dr. Thuy Katzenberger

alumnus thuy katzenberger (small)

The program and clubs on campus offered such diverse interests. More

Rachel Brehmer

Networking and business knowledge were the most useful tools I learned while attending Northwestern. More

Anna Jensen

alumnus anna jensen (small)

The staff across the board is incredible. More

Kayla Bauer

alumnus kayla bauer (small)

A Northwestern education helps you to get a job wherever you desire. More

Michael Mohwinkel

alumnus michael mohwinkel (small)

The instructors at Northwestern have a passion for their art and profession. More

Gary Mitchell

Gary Mitchell

The amount of information a student receives in 11 months is phenomenal. More

Jeff Lockhart

Jeff Lockhart

I get to use my skills in the hospital to provide relief for those who are in pain. More

Ramona Westerberg

Ramona Westerberg

It’s hard but stick with it. It is worth going to this school. More

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