Preparing You for Your Career

The singular purpose of your Northwestern education is to prepare you for success in professional practice. As a Northwestern student, you’ll be confident in your clinical skills and ready to apply these skills to your career for your patients’ benefit.

In all our programs, each component of the curriculum:

  • Provides the foundational information you need
  • Develops your clinical ability
  • Builds your confidence to provide care to patients
  • Prepares you for clinical practice

Northwestern helps you become a confident healthcare provider through:

  • An educational approach that is hands-on from day one and uses a variety of learning tools
  • A strong science-based curriculum that is comprehensive and challenging
  • Opportunities to network with and provide integrative care alongside students and faculty from other clinical disciplines
  • A variety of clinical experiences including Northwestern Health Clinics, private practices, hospitals, social service agencies and specialty clinics
  • Classes in the business aspects of professional practice
  • Academic counseling and other support services provided by our Office of Student Affairs

You’ll also get encouragement from our faculty, staff and administrators who recognize that they are preparing future colleagues in natural health care. Northwestern is committed to helping you succeed academically and professionally.

Students of NWHSU will be able to:

Demonstrate effective verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills in a variety of contexts, with emphasis on integrative and interprofessional activities.

Civic Engagement
Promote quality of life through advocacy and community outreach with respect for diverse perspectives and people

Critical Thinking and Life-long Learning
Acquire the skills to effectively apply evidence-based knowledge for personal growth and continuing professional development.

Health and Wellness
Recognize the factors that influence health and wellbeing in personal and professional situations.

Ethics and Professionalism
Demonstrate integrity by using ethical and professional behavior in all endeavors.