Chiropractic School Admissions Qualifications Overview

Discover the Chiropractic School Admissions Qualifications and Academic Standards required for the Doctor of Chiropractic school at NWHSU. Applicants to Northwestern Health Sciences University chiropractic programs must meet both academic and technical standards. This is a requirement for admission, progression, and graduation from the College of Chiropractic.

Qualifications help you in your chiropractor education. They allow you to progress through the Doctor of Chiropractic program by successfully completing the curriculum and clinical training.

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Academic standards overview

Academic standards for Northwestern Health Sciences University’s chiropractic programs refer to demonstrations of competency. These demonstrations must be acceptable as judged by faculty members, examinations, and other measurements of performance. This happens before admission and after.

For detailed information about academic standards, refer to our University Student Handbook.

Technical standards overview

Technical standards for Northwestern Health Sciences University chiropractic programs refer to the essential aptitudes and abilities throughout chiropractor schooling. The standards allow chiropractic students to perform in a modern healthcare environment in a variety of functions. Students must demonstrate the capacity/ability on their own, with reasonable accommodations, in the following areas of competency:

  • Perception/Observation – vision, hearing, tactile and proprioceptive abilities
  • Communication – speaking, reading and writing
  • Gross and Fine Motor Coordination
  • Cognition – conceptual, integrative and quantitative abilities
  • Professionalism, Behavioral and Social Attributes

To review the specific criteria for these areas of competency, refer to the Technical Standards Guide (pdf).


It is beneficial for both the student and the university to evaluate how much a disability affects the chiropractor schooling. This helps both parties understand the degree of limitation. However, NWHSU will make the final determination as to whether or not an individual meets all qualifications for study at NWHSU.

Our accommodations process is found under our Disability Services page.

Questions regarding qualifications or accommodations should be directed to the Office of Student Affairs at or 952-885-5405.