NWHSU Integrative Grand Rounds

Integrative Grand Rounds is a showcase of various healthcare providers walking attendees through a clinical case, emphasizing the application of integrative care techniques.

In these one-hour events, an interactive presentation will be delivered by at least one provider who will include ways they collaborated across health providers and paradigms of healing. Discussion will include Q+A with attendees and ideas for treatment planning.

NWHSU Integrative Grand Rounds is open to anyone in the NWHSU community and friends: clinicians from any clinic, students from all programs, faculty/staff of NWHSU, alumni, and other healthcare programs at other institutions, so please, invite your friends and colleagues!

We hope you enjoy this event. If you would like to present in the future, share your information and we will be in touch to discuss your ideas. All are welcome.

Learn more and register for upcoming Integrative Grand Rounds: