Join the movement toward integrative, whole-person care.

As you pursue your career in integrative health, you have many options in front of you. Why NWHSU?

The future of healthcare does not include silos, and neither will your integrative health education at NWHSU. No matter what path you choose, you will learn in an environment that mirrors our vision for the healthcare industry—a vision that is quickly becoming reality.

Your science-based, patient-centered education at NWHSU will be truly integrative, setting you apart as you enter the workforce. You will understand how providers of diverse disciplines can work together to heal patients; you will be a leader in the future of healthcare.

You will experience unmatched clinical experience, and you will be taught by dedicated and accomplished faculty members at the peak of their professions. And when you graduate, you will join an active family of alumni who are shaping healthcare and improving lives.

Our Commitment to Healing and Serving

At NWHSU, we believe in something bigger than ourselves. We believe in serving our community by advancing natural, drug-free health and creating the next generation of compassionate, evidence-based healthcare practitioners.

We’re focused on your future. We’re focused on the future of integrative healthcare. The next stage of your journey begins at NWHSU.