Prepare to be a leader in the future of healthcare with NWHSU Online Programs

With graduate-level NWHSU Online programs, you can take the next step in your healthcare career. Maybe you’re a practitioner looking to expand your practice or enter a leadership role. Maybe you have a non-healthcare background but are ready to enter the field. No matter who you are, there is a place for you at NWHSU.

With NWHSU Online programs, you get the flexibility and convenience of a fully online program, without feeling like a number. Our community is supportive and deeply connected. You’ll build relationships across healthcare disciplines, learn from your peers, and be guided by a dedicated advisor.

Our healthcare system needs creative, dedicated leaders to transform it. Imagine a future where healthcare actually makes people healthier. We invite you to join us in creating that future, together.

NWHSU Online: A Truly Integrative Health-Focused University, Available Everywhere

The world needs a diverse community of health makers and changemakers working to deliver the future of healthcare. This is why we designed NWHSU Online.

NWHSU Online programs help to advance or kick-start your career in whole-person healthcare. Admissions requirements will depend on the program to set you up for success.