Bachelor of Science in Human Biology Degree Completion Program

There are many reasons to complete your undergraduate degree in human biology – what’s yours?

Here’s the thing about building a rewarding career in healthcare: there are many pathways to success. At NWHSU, we know that your unique story is what will make you an important, empathetic member of the healthcare team. Our Bachelor of Science in Human Biology degree completion program meets you where you are, to get you where you’re going.  

Maybe you started your degree and took a break. Maybe you have an associate degree and need a bachelor’s to take your next step. Maybe you don’t need a degree but need to complete prerequisites to enter an advanced healthcare degree program. No matter your long-term goal, we’ll work with you to build a plan that fits. 

(If you already have your bachelor’s but need to complete or retake prerequisites for medical school or another advanced degree, check out our Post Bacc Pre Health program.)  

Build a Personalized Program

At NWHSU, there is no cookie cutter program you have to follow. You’ll meet with an advisor to craft a plan that fits your experience, goals, and timeline. Take only the credits you need, at an affordable rate.  

Enjoy Small Class Sizes, with Professors who Know Your Name  

In NWHSU undergraduate classes you won’t find yourself in an auditorium. Our classes are small, and our professors are here to teach. They’ll know your name and your goals: whether you attend class in-person or online.  

Complete Prerequisites for our Chiropractic and Acupuncture Programs 

Our Human Biology degree completion program is built for a diverse group of future healthcare professionals, however, it’s especially convenient for future chiropractic or acupuncture students at NWHSU. ‘ 

In fact, you may be able to enroll in your program as you complete the courses you need as co-requisites. Our admissions team can help you create a plan to either complete a bachelor’s while you pursue your professional degree, or to take the pre- or co-requisites.