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VA Certifying Official

Lori Hanegraaf
Office of Student Affairs

Admissions Representative

Alaina Berube
Office of Admissions
952-888-4777 ext. 208

Veterans Financial Aid

Education Benefits/Financial Aid

Benefits Step-by-Step

VA Benefits and Resources

U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Minnesota Dept. of Veterans Affairs
1-888-LINKVET (1-888-546-5838)

Higher Education Resources for Veterans

As a veteran or active duty military personnel, we offer you the guidance, support and services you need for an exceptional academic experience.


Contact Alaina Berube to assist you with the admissions process and to learn more about our academic programs. Find out about:

Veterans Education Benefits

Find out if you qualify for VA education benefits (including the Post-911 GI Bill); Northwestern's Yellow Ribbon Program, Military Scholarships, and Scholarships for Incoming Students; federal financial aid (grants and loans); and other types of financial assistance:

Military Club

Get involved with Military Club to connect with fellow veterans on campus. To find out more, send an email to

Check out Northwestern's other Student Clubs and Organizations, including Student Senate, Student Ambassadors and the many technique, practice management, sports and fitness clubs.

Military leave policies

Review our military leave policies - you may be eligible to receive an extension of coursework or tuition refund if you require a military leave of absence or withdrawal due to military service.

Support services

Our on-campus support services are offered at no cost to you:

  • Academic support - academic counseling, tutoring, study skills and writing assistance
  • Disability services - provides accommodations and services to ensure equal access to University programs and facilities
  • Personal counseling - to discuss academic or personal concerns
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