Choose the Only Sports Nutrition Certificate in the U.S. with a Functional Approach 

How athletes fuel their bodies has a profound impact on their health, and their performance. If you work with athletes—maybe as a chiropractor, athletic trainer, nutrition professional, or health coach—you likely know that. The Graduate Certificate in Functional Sports and Performance Nutrition gives you the tools you need to support your patients and clients.

Working with athletes, you’ve probably heard the same cookie cutter advice about nutrition repeated over and over. But you know that your powerlifting clients or patients have very different needs than your marathoners. You’ve also likely noticed that a diet that works for one marathoner might be a bad fit for another.  

Functional Sports and Performance Nutrition Functional Sports and Performance Nutrition

Add Functional Sports  and Performance Nutrition to Your Practice 

The Graduate Certificate in Functional Sports and Performance Nutrition is designed for people who already work with athletes and want to add functional nutrition to their toolbox. It’s designed to work with your busy life.  In our asynchronous, 100% online program, you’ll gain knowledge that you can bring into your practice right away. You can complete the 15-credit certificate in six months to a year.  If you find you want to dive deeper, you can apply the credits from this certificate to the Master of Health Science in Functional and Integrative Nutrition 

A One Size Fits One Approach  

Functional nutrition considers all aspects of health, diet, and lifestyle—ultimately leading to better outcomes for your patients or clients. That’s true for anyone, but it’s especially true for athletes.  No two athletes are alike, and different sports create vastly different stressors on the body. A one-sized-fits-one approach will help your patients or clients with performance, recovery, and overall health and wellbeing.  

NWHSU Knows Healthcare

At NWHSU, healthcare is at the core of everything we do. We believe there is a better way to support each person’s health. Our graduates, no matter their discipline, are changing the way healthcare is offered: embracing a person-centered approach to care.  Here, you’ll learn in a cohort of health professionals from a variety of backgrounds, but you’ll all share one goal: providing better, evidence-informed care for your patients.