Perform And Improve Complex Tests as a Leader in the Lab

Medical Laboratory Science School prepares you to operate sophisticated instruments. Does this sound like the right fit for you? You earned your associate degree and work as a Medical Lab Technician (MLT) You love working behind the scenes to make a difference in healthcare but are ready to do more.

How to Know if You’re Ready to Pursue Your MLS 

You want to operate more sophisticated laboratory instruments and perform manual tests rather than automated processes. You want to review and analyze samples and have deeper discussions with clinicians. You want to write and implement new procedures, evaluate test results, and establish and monitor programs to ensure the accuracy of laboratory testing. 

Basically, you want to take the next step and grow in your career. If this feels familiar, it may be time to earn your MLS.  

A Program Built to Fit Your Life

Maybe you know you’re ready for that next step, but you’re concerned about the logistics of going back to school. NWHSU has designed a program to make it as easy as possible to pursue your bachelor’s.

In our two-year program, you often only need to come to campus three Saturdays per term. This makes it possible to balance your career, family, and other obligations with your school schedule.

If you are working at one of our Earn While You Learn partnership sites, you can complete your clinical internship (trimester 6) at your workplace, setting you up for a natural transition into a new role.

Flexibility Without Sacrificing Quality

Just because you’re coming to campus one day a month doesn’t mean this program won’t prepare you for a successful career.  

Well-trained and certified medical laboratory scientists have career choices in clinical laboratory work, research, public health, and forensic work, as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

All our faculty members work in the field, and we constantly update our curriculum to reflect changing industry standards. In our hybrid format, you’ll digest the information you need before coming to lab, allowing you to make the most of your time on campus.

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