X-Ray Reading Services

Quality, Integrity, and Experience for Your Diagnostic Imaging Needs

The board-certified chiropractic radiologist team at Radiologic Consulting Services (RCS) has the knowledge and expertise to provide clients with clear, comprehensive radiology reports.

RCS currently provides reads to Northwestern Health Sciences University clinics, private practice chiropractors, as well for chiropractic referrals for Rayus. Our radiologists understand the clinical practice of chiropractic and offer the level of detail that chiropractors want in their imaging reports.

Our Services Include:

  • MSK x-ray studies of the spine and all extremities
  • Capabilities including providing reports on MRI and CT of the spine, shoulder, and knee
  • Plain film interpretation — analog and digital
  • Advanced diagnostic imaging — primary reports and second opinions
  • Fast turn-around — images are read within 24 hours of receipt and final, signed reports are faxed as soon as they are proofread
  • Advice for follow-up — clinical, imaging, and referral
  • Film critique and technical advice

How to Submit Your Films

Step #1: Request an account by filling out the information on this form. We’ll do our best to have your account set up the same day or the next day. Call us directly if you have a more urgent film need: 952-885-5450.

  • Once we have your information, we will create an account for you on a secure HIPAA-compliant website where you can submit the patient information and receive completed reports.
  • Reports are backed up for you, maybe downloaded/printed, and are accessible any time from a web-enabled device, including your smartphone.

Step #2: Transmit your films (digitally or via mail)

  • For digital transmission, we will use the information you entered above to create a HIPAA compliant Microsoft OneDrive folder where you can upload your patient’s films.
  • You may send your plain films or CD with images via mail:

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2501 W. 84th St.
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