Prehealth and Biology Advising Resources

Achieve your goals with personalized pre-health advising

At Northwestern Health Sciences University, we believe every student deserves a personalized education. That’s why our prehealth advising program is designed to help you achieve your specific goals and prepare you for success in your chosen healthcare profession.

Becoming a healthcare professional can be an overwhelming path to walk alone. At NWHSU, you’re never alone – our trained professionals will guide you all along the way. In prehealth advising, we work closely with you to develop a customized academic plan, provide guidance on course selection, and help you navigate the admissions process for professional programs. With our help, your goals are never out of reach.

How Prehealth Advising at NWHSU Can Help You

Our prehealth college advisors will support you at every step of your educational journey. Before you enroll in your first course, you’ll meet with Dr. Donald Deal to create an individualized academic schedule that fits your goals. Based on that plan, you’ll be assigned a health advisor.

In your first meeting with your college advisor, you’ll spend an hour discussing your career goals, academic schedule, and timeline. During prehealth and biology advising, we will work with you to:

  • Choose the right courses to meet the prerequisites for your desired healthcare program 
  • Develop a strong, personalized academic plan
  • Prepare for standardized tests, such as the MCAT and DAT
  • Write competitive personal statements and recommendation letters
  • Navigate the application process

Please complete the form below prior to your meeting with Dr. Deal.

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