Pre-Health and Biology Advising Resources

At Northwestern Health Sciences University, your program of study is designed to fit your individualized goals, and your advisor and instructors will support you at every step.

Your personalized education at Northwestern Health Sciences University begins even before you enroll in your first classes. You meet with Dr. Deal to create an individualized academic schedule to fit your goals. Based on that plan, you are assigned a health professional advisor in your first term.

In your first, hour-long meeting with your advisor, you discuss career goals, academic schedule, and timeline. You are encouraged to schedule this meeting as soon as possible, and to continue your relationship throughout your time in the program. To schedule a meeting, find your advisor in the list below and email them today.

PBPH Advisors

Medical Doctor/Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Dr. Lawrenz-Smith 

Physician Assistant
Dr. Wotal

Physical Therapist and Doctor of Dental Surgery
Dr. Oppegard

Chiropracticand B.S.
Dr. Deal

Please complete the form below prior to your meeting with Dr. Deal.

PBPH/Undergraduate advising in-take form

We’ve also compiled resources for applying to the most common professional programs to make it easier for you to find the answers you need and to serve as a guide for the application process.