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Winter 2016 New Students 11/6/15 and ongoing 11/6/15
  Continuing Students 11/6/15 11/15/15
Summer 2016 New Students 3/4/16 and ongoing 3/4/16
  Continuing Students 3/4/16 3/15/16
Fall 2016 New Students 7/5/16 and ongoing 7/5/16
  Continuing Students 7/5/16 7/10/16

*Class schedules

Class schedules are also available to view online after the date they are emailed to students:

Adding a course

You can add a course after the registration deadline up until the first day of class – if space is available.

The process varies depending on your program. A late registration fee may apply. For assistance, check with the Office of the Registrar (room 114) or refer to:

Dropping a course

For information on dropping a course, check with the Office of the Registrar (room 114) or refer to:

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

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