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Northwestern has distinguished itself from other health care institutions in emphasizing “evidence informed practice” or EIP, where the best available science works in harmony with clinical expertise and patient preferences. An important part of our mission is focused on providing research related education for practitioners and aspiring scientists through unique student, faculty, continuing education and fellowship programs.

CAM Research Education Partnership Project

eip-logo We are one of 9 institutions to receive funding from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) for our research education programs, with total grant funding currently at $1.5 million (CAM Research Education Partnership Project). This has allowed Northwestern, in partnership with the University of Minnesota, to develop educational programs and resources currently unavailable at other CAM institutions.

Learn more about the CAM Research Education Partnership Project.

Research education at Northwestern

Northwestern has developed an array of EIP education resources and programs to stimulate interest in research, facilitate working with patients, provide professional development and pursue a research career.

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