Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services strives to ensure that all qualified students with disabilities have equal access to all university courses, services, programs, and facilities.

We provide services and accommodations that help students fully participate in the learning environment and be evaluated on the basis of their abilities. To inquire about services at any time, contact the Office of Disability Services in the Office of Student Affairs.

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Manager of disability services

Becky Lawyer, MA, LPCC, graduated with a master’s degree in counseling and psychological services from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota in 2005. She has been a licensed professional counselor since 2008. Becky has counseled a diverse group of students including traditional, non-traditional, special needs and those on low income. She has helped students address concerns including personal, relationship, disability and study skills that might interfere with their progress at Northwestern. Becky has been with Northwestern since 2008.