Student Senate

Help determine how you and other students experience life at NWHSU by participating in Student Senate. Your single voice becomes more powerful when you unify with your fellow students. Student Senate is a forum where you can discuss your concerns and recommendations for enhancing the quality of your student life at the University.

The purpose of the University Student Senate is to function as a liaison between the student body and the community, and to endeavor to continually improve the student experience. The Student Senate is the formal body of student governance. The Student Senate is comprised of elected officers and representatives from all academic programs and meets weekly.

Meetings: Thursdays, 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m.

Students have a variety of reasons for joining the Senate and in this short video you’ll meet some of our current members.

The Student Senate is also a place where students plan social and community events:

  • Blood drives
  • Service and Appreciation Day to volunteer throughout the community
  • Other social activities as planned

Student Senate

Current officers

President – Aavrie Kielty
Parliamentarian – Mikaela Lengwin
Secretary – Justyce Duffield
Treasurer – Carly Dropik
VP of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine – Emily Nyberg
VP of Chiropractic – Rachael Fix
VP of Massage Therapy – Shea Roberts-Gyllen
VP of Undergraduate/Post Bac Pre-Health Program – Alex Hernandez
VP of Allied Health – Vacant 

Student Senate Committees

Athletic Committee
Plans and organizes university sports programs to promote health and fitness.

Coordinates with the clubs for events, making sure the clubs keep their bulletin boards updated. Also reevaluates bylaws to make sure that they meet the needs of the student body and Northwestern.

Food Committee
Furnishes food for weekly Student Senate meetings.

Social Committee
Organizes the main University social events.

Volunteer and Club Committee
Organizes ways for Northwestern to give back to the local community and to further advance the University’s image in the community.

Formal complaints

Formal complaints are handled through the University’s complaint process.

Submit your student concerns

If you’d like more information about an issue or have a suggestion for how to improve campus life, let us know. The Student Senate is responsible for seeking and listening to feedback from all students. We need to hear from you. Feel free to include your name and e-mail or submit your comment anonymously.

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