Student Senate

Help determine how you and other students experience life at NWHSU by participating in Student Senate. Your single voice becomes more powerful when you unify with your fellow students. Student Senate is a forum where you can discuss your concerns and recommendations for enhancing the quality of your student life at the University.

The purpose of the University Student Senate is to function as a liaison between the student body and the community, and to endeavor to continually improve the student experience. The Student Senate is the formal body of student governance. The Student Senate is comprised of elected officers and representatives from all academic programs and meets weekly.

Meetings: Mondays, 12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. in L2 or Microsoft Teams

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The Student Senate is also a place where students plan social and community events:

  • Trimesterly festivals
  • Service opportunities
  • University-wide social activities

Student Senate

Current officers

President – Gabriel Zeigler
Parliamentarian – Carson Park
Secretary – Lindsey Rutherford
Treasurer – Olivia Johnson
VP of Chiropractic – Katie Young
VP of Massage Therapy – Asia Snetter
VP of ACM – Sarah Stribling
VP of Allied Health – Rebecca Schibler
VP of PBPH – Joel Dumonsau

Student Senate Committees

Events and Business Committee
Formerly Athletic Committee and Social Committee, Campus Events and Business Committee is responsible for coordinating social events that help bring students together.  These may be more active, such as bubble soccer, or leisure, such as Summer Jam. Members will help brainstorm ideas and host the events. Functions to promote business and the spirit of entrepreneurship among students.  The Events and Business Committee will work to bring speakers and event to campus that benefit students from every program.  These events may focus on owning a business, marketing, legal issues, and many other associated topics.

Volunteer and Sustainability Committee
Committee members are responsible for working with businesses in the community and outreach sites to coordinate events and opportunities for NWHSU students to be active in the community. Members will help brainstorm events, recruit members, and help with events. This group of students leads projects to keep activities and such sustainable to co-exist with and respect nature around us. A future project could entail creating a community/school garden where the compost from the cafeteria could be used. Members are responsible for figuring out what around campus is needed or needs fixing.  Members help procure things such as exercise balls for more seating, more power outlets/extension cords in classrooms, and other tasks that help students out on a day-to-day basis. This committee has also helped coordinate blood drives, food drives, and shoe drives.

Bylaws Committee
Committee members are responsible for drafting, editing, and upholding the rules and regulations by which Student Senate operates.  These laws are critical in making a meeting run smoothly, maintaining a professional organization, and determining how student fees may be dispersed. The Student Senate Parliamentarian sits as chair for this committee.

Food Committee
The committee for anyone that loves food, Food Committee is charged with orchestrating all food served during Student Senate meetings, finals/midterms, and coordinating with Campus Events Committee if they require help ordering food for an event.

Student Experience Committee
This committee functions to improve overall experiences of students on campus, including but not limited to holding recurring events on campus throughout each term. These events can be based on holidays occurring during different terms, midterms, or finals times to uplift student spirits, or connection events to bring students together.

Formal complaints

Formal complaints are handled through the University’s complaint process.