Reach Your Goals with the Human Performance Center

At the Human Performance Center (HPC), we’re changing the way athletes and active individuals prepare, perform, and recover.

Here, an integrative team of evidence-informed practitioners and student interns work together to advance the fields of biomechanics, athletic performance, and rehabilitation.

We work with:

  • High-Performance Athletic Teams: Our Integrative Team Clinic offers acupuncture and Chinese medicine, chiropractic, and massage therapy for athletes of member teams. We also offer event coverage (athletic taping, triage/first aid care, injury assessment, and return-to-play determination)
  • High School Athletes: Individual strength and conditioning, team pre-season strength and conditioning, event coverage, pre-participation physical evaluation (PPE), and concussion assessment (standard concussion assessment tools (SCAT)and ImPACT tests)
  • Everyday Athletes: One-on-One and Small Group Strength and Conditioning with professional instruction from a certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCS). We offer a women-centric group class, Fundamentals of Lifting, Performance Enhancement, and one-on-one instruction.