Partner with People on their Health and Wellbeing Journey as a Health Coach

Our innovative graduate certificate prepares you to facilitate behavior change. As a result, you will authentically make a real difference in people’s lives as a health coach. The Graduate Certificate in Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching is designed for practicing healthcare providers and those looking to enter the health and wellness space.

You can complete this certificate as a standalone program, or through one of our online master’s programs: Functional and Integrative Nutrition or Integrative Care.

At NWHSU, we prepare you to become a certified health and wellbeing coach. You’ll graduate ready to support clients in taking a proactive approach to their overall health and wellbeing.

80% of Chronic Disease and Premature Death could be Prevented by Behavior Change

As a health coach, you can make a difference. You’ll partner with people to address beliefs and behaviors that contribute to the crisis of chronic disease in the U.S.

Lifestyle changes are difficult to achieve. Therefore, health coaches fill a vital need: helping people create sustainable, meaningful changes.

At NWHSU, you’ll gain practical training to empower clients. For instance, you will help them set and achieve goals based on their own values and motivations. Through the health coaching model, you will learn to build trust, increase clients’ intrinsic motivation, and support lasting health behavior changes.