Board of Trustees Committees

Executive Committee

Christopher Jo, Chair
Todd Ginkel, Vice-Chair
Walter Graff, Secretary
David Taylor, Chair, Academic Affairs Committee
Tamara Taylor, Chair, Committee on Trustees
Brent Wilde, Chair, Finance, Facilities and Audit Committee
Molly Magnani, Co-Chair, Institutional Advancement Committee
Bonnie Myhers, Co-Chair, Institutional Advancement Committee
Keith Johnson, Past Board Chair
David Peterson, Trustee
Tom Heaney, Trustee
Deborah Bushway, President/CEO

Academic Affairs Committee

David Taylor – Chair
Walter Graff – Trustee
Deborah Bushway –President/CEO
Mary Tuchscherer – Faculty Senate President (advisor)
Samantha Nielsen – Student Senate President (advisor)
Kimberly Pearce – Vice President of Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer (advisor)
Deborah Bushway –President/CEO
Christopher Jo – Board Chair (ex officio)

Committee on Trustees

Tamara Taylor – Chair
Walter Graff – Trustee
Christopher Jo – Trustee
Tom Heaney – Trustee
Deborah Bushway, President/CEO

Finance, Facilities and Audit Committee

Brent Wilde – Chair
Todd Ginkel – Trustee
Walter Graff – Trustee
Keith Johnson – Trustee
Tom Heaney – Trustee
Jakki Edwards, CFO and University Treasurer (advisor)
Mary Tuchscherer, Faculty Senate President (advisor)
Deborah Bushway President/CEO
Christopher Jo, Board Chair (ex officio)

Institutional Advancement Committee

Molly Magnani –  Co-Chair
Bonnie Myhers –  Co-Chair
David Peterson – Trustee
Lori Lauber – Trustee
Desiree Whitney – Trustee
Jim McDonald – Public Member
Linda Keillor Berg, Vice President, Development (advisor)
Deborah Bushway,  President/CEO
Christopher Jo, Board Chair (ex officio)