Chiropractic College Requirements for Admission

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All undergraduate majors are considered for admission at Northwestern.

Our students become leaders in the chiropractic profession because we embrace dedicated individuals from both traditional and non-traditional backgrounds. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you individually to discuss your qualifications - and we have academic supports to help you excel.

We are excited to help you achieve your goals! Request information and get started today.

Standard Track

For students who meet all admissions criteria:

Credits earned: Minimum 90 semester credits at bachelor's degree level.

Required courses: 24 semester credits in the Life and Physical Sciences, at least half should include a lecture and lab component, including:

  • General Chemistry 1 (with lab) - Principles of Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry or Introductory Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry 1 (with lab)
  • Biology 1 (with lab) - Animal, Vertebrate or General Biology, Zoology, Anatomy, Physiology or Microbiology

Minimum cumulative GPA: 3.0 (4.0 scale) on the best of the 90 semester credits completed.

Qualifications: You must meet all additional qualifications.

Start your application today!

We encourage you to apply early. Apply today!

Custom Track

An individualized academic support program for students who may not meet all the standard criteria:

Credits earned: Minimum 90 semester credits at bachelor's degree level.

Recommended courses: You may request to have some or all of the required courses waived. For further information, contact your Admissions Representative.

Minimum cumulative GPA: Between 2.75 and 2.99 (4.0 scale) on the best of the 90 semester credits.

Qualifications: You must meet all additional qualifications. If you do not, let's discuss!

Start your application today!

We encourage you to apply early. Apply today!

Save Time and Money!

Academic Partnerships

Save one year of time and tuition dollars by participating in one of our Chiropractic 3+3 Academic Partnerships.

Pre-Chiropractic Curriculum Guides

Don't see your college listed as an Academic Partner?

Pre-chiropractic curriculum guides are available for selected colleges to help plan your undergraduate coursework.

Academic Support

Students in both the Standard and Custom Tracks have access to our new Academic Success Center which offers:

  • Success coaching
  • Faculty mentoring
  • Peer and group tutoring
  • Study sessions and open labs
  • Supplemental courses
  • The option to take a reduced course load

Complete Your Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree is not required for admission, although some states do require a bachelor's degree to practice.

If you want to complete a bachelor's degree concurrently with your DC degree, check out our:

Additional Courses

The doctor of chiropractic program has a rigorous basic sciences curriculum. Basic science courses provide you with a solid foundation which may contribute to your academic success in our program. We offer:

  • Chemistry - General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Nutrition and Pharmacology
  • Biology 2 (with lab) - Animal, Vertebrate, or General Biology; Zoology, Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Cell Physiology, Immunology and Genetics
  • Physical Sciences - Physics, Biomechanics and Statistics
  • General Education - English, Speech, Communications and Psychology

You may complete many of these courses in our Undergraduate Health Sciences Program.

Note to Applicant

Admission is competitive and enrollment is limited. Satisfying the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Transfer students from other chiropractic schools who meet Northwestern's admission requirements can be accommodated.

Transfer Approval

Approval of transfer or prerequisite course work for one academic program does not guarantee transfer or prerequisite approval of the same courses for another program.

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