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Career tips and trends in integrative health care

Complementary and Integrative Healthcare
Dream Big, Start Smart: 9 Tips for Starting an Integrative Healthcare Clinic

To open an integrative healthcare clinic successfully, you need more than a bold vision and a solid business plan. You have to understand why different practitioners collaborate in this model, and why it’s becoming more and more appealing to patients. … Read More ›

Massage Therapy
7 Important Questions to Ask About Massage Therapy Careers

Massage therapy careers are filled with opportunity. Not only will you join the growing healthcare field, but you’ll also help improve people’s health and well-being. If you’re thinking about massage therapy as a career path, you should know that this… Read More ›

Choosing the Right Post-Baccalaureate/Pre-Med Program: 10 Key Questions to Ask

Even if you already have a bachelor’s degree, you may not be ready for the next level of education required for a number of healthcare professions. In fact, to prepare yourself you may want to consider a Post-Baccalaureate/Pre-Health program (often… Read More ›

9 Important Questions About Chiropractic Careers

Chiropractic careers give you the opportunity to join the healthcare field and play an integral role in improving people’s health and well-being. If you’re thinking about chiropractic as a possible career path, you should know that this is an exciting… Read More ›

Starting a Chiropractic Practice: 7 Things You Should Know Before Taking the Plunge

When it comes to starting your own chiropractic practice, it’s a different world today than in the past. Establishing a clinic of your own arguably takes more strategy than it once did. But the good news is you have more… Read More ›

Complementary and Integrative Healthcare
Be Part of the Healthcare Solution: Switch to a Career in Integrative Healthcare

Integrative healthcare is the future of healthcare. (more…)

Complementary and Integrative Healthcare
Get Ready for the Healthcare Career Game-Changer: Integrative Healthcare

Healthcare as we know it is going through dramatic – and exciting – changes. Integrative healthcare is at the forefront of those changes. And that will likely impact anyone interested in becoming a healthcare practitioner. (more…)

Complementary and Integrative Healthcare
The Only Way to Prevent Opioid Abuse

How do we get a handle on the opioid abuse epidemic? (more…)

How to Become an Acupuncturist

In this comprehensive overview, we’ll share what it takes to become an acupuncturist. (more…)

Understanding a Chiropractor’s Salary: The Story Behind the Numbers

How much is a chiropractor’s salary? If you’re searching for an easy answer, be warned: You need to evaluate the reliability of each source you find. (more…)