Prioritize Nonpharmacologic Treatment for Pain Management 

Settlements from lawsuits against some of the largest companies at the center of the opioid crisis will generate over $54 billion. This money is being distributed among states, cities and municipalities to help address the catastrophic consequences of opioid misuse and abuse. 

While efforts are being made to reduce opioid use, effective pain management remains elusive for patients with both acute and chronic pain. Opioid settlement funds should prioritize creating awareness and access to effective nonpharmacological treatments for pain, as one strategy to minimize the risk of exposure to opioids.  Providers that deliver nonpharmacologic treatments, such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopathic physicians, and mind-body practitioners, are central to this conversation.

Recently released guidance published by RAND Corporation highlights specific recommendations for opioid settlement spending that, if enacted, will expand access and use of nonpharmacologic treatments. 

How to Use this Toolkit

This site explains the RAND recommendations and outlines various strategies that both advocates and organizations can use to expand access to evidence-based alternatives to opioids. Scroll to explore the content, or use these links to jump to the pieces that interest you most:

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