Online Access, Printing and Copying

Online Access

  • The library has 48 networked computers and 2 Macs.
  • Wi-fi service is available. Choose the NWHSU-Open server to log in. No username or password necessary at this time.
  • Alumni, practitioners and community members may use the library’s computers, provided they are not in demand by students.


  • Two black and white printers are available.
  • 1 color printer is also available.
  • Students have a $25.00 printing allotment. Black and white print jobs cost $0.05 per side; color print jobs are $0.50 per side.
  • Alumni and other community members are charged $0.10 per page ($0.50 for color) to print and are asked to limit printing to health-related materials

Fnd out more information on printing in the Library and Computer Lab.

Copying & Scanning

  • 1 black and white copier is available.
  • 1 scanner is available to those with an email address.
  • Copies are $0.07 per page with a copy card and $0.10 per page with cash. Scanning is free.
  • The copier accepts bills, coins and copy cards.

Copy Cards

  • Copy cards are available to provide a discounted rate for copying ($0.07 per page). They may be purchased at the Information Desk.
  • Cards cost $1.00; funds are added after purchase. We do not accept credit card payments at this time.
  • Lost cards are often found and turned in at the Information Desk. Please write your name on the card after purchasing.