Would you like to incorporate movement and whole-body rehabilitation into your chiropractic practice? The Sports & Rehabilitation Emphasis will teach you the skills to care for professional and high-performing athletes, sports teams, and everyday athletes that want to stay active and fit.

As part of your Doctor of Chiropractic degree at NWHSU, you can pursue our Sports & Rehabilitation Emphasis, a cohesive curricular thread that will provide you with the knowledge and skills to confidently treat sports-related injuries and support your patient’s performance goals. You’ll develop skills in the Chiropractic Sports Emphasis degree program for managing common athletic injuries and rehabilitation techniques to help your patients keep moving and stay injury-free.

Why pursue a Sports & Rehabilitation emphasis?

  • Work in a team environment: Many students in the program are former or current athletes, and a Sports & Rehabilitation Emphasis brings the community of sports teams into their education and careers.
  • Gain skills to help all patients: While you may be motivated to work with athletes, you will find that any patient you treat can benefit from the rehab and mobility skills you learn in the Sports & Rehabilitation Emphasis program.
  • Take your practice beyond the table: With a Sports & Rehabilitation emphasis, be prepared for a career working with professional sports teams, Olympic athletes, rehabilitation centers, or integrative care clinics. Or start your own clinic and focus on sports injury management.
  • Choose your path: Earning your Sports & Rehabilitation emphasis is as simple as taking seven credits of electives (already included in your block tuition) and then choosing three additional credits from electives that fit your unique clinical goals.
  • No Additional Time: Incorporating the Sports & Rehabilitation Emphasis into your Doctor of Chiropractic program is seamless and won’t prolong your overall time at NWSHU.

Curriculum Overview