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Writing Lab Sessions

Drop-in hours

Any weekday evening and some weekends depending on staff availability.  Please ask at the information desk. 

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Meet our staff

We're here to help!

In the Writing Lab, you receive free, one-on-one assistance with term papers, essays and other assignments to help you develop your writing skills. We'll point out where we see issues with your writing so you'll learn how to make improvements.

How we will help you

Our experienced staff will assist you with all aspects of the writing process:

  • Brainstorming ideas and outlining your paper
  • Finding resources for your assignment
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Revising your paper for structure, flow, tense and grammar

For your session:

  • Bring the instructions for your assignment
  • Identify the specific areas that you’d like us to focus on
  • Email your draft before you come in (if you have one) - we will review it if we have time
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment, if needed

Keep in mind

We want you to learn and improve your writing skills – so you’ll feel more confident completing future assignments. We will get you started, but we will not do all the corrections for you or mark every instance of a recurring issue. We are not a full proofreading and editing service, so we will not be able to address all of the issues your paper may have.

For faculty members

Contact us to see how we're able to help you, too.

You may use this syllabus statement to inform your students about the Writing Lab:

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