Doctor of Chiropractic Curriculum Overview

NWHSU’s Doctor of Chiropractic Curriculum is the only Competency-Centered model in the country. What does that mean?

  • Clinical Internships Starting Trimester One. And your clinical experience only grows from there, we offer more practice than anywhere else, with the most internship sites.  
  • Learn Everything You Came Here to Learn. Competency-Centered assessment means you won’t slip through the cracks without learning every skill we’ve identified as vital. And when something isn’t clicking for you? We’ll catch it early and help you succeed.  
  • Classes and Professors that Work Together. We’ve de-siloed our curriculum, so you’ll experience professors team teaching to help you understand the connections between your courses, and how it all applies to clinical practice.  
  • Flipped Classrooms to Fit How You Want to Learn. Most lectures will be hybrid allowing you to learn in the way that works best for you, and maximizing your on-campus time.  

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