Master of Health Science in Integrative Care Curriculum

What will my courses be like?

The goal of this online program is to prepare you with skills and tools you can put into practice right away.

The coursework will build upon your background in healthcare and expose you to rigorous content allowing you to progress in your field using a more integrative approach. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be prepared to integrate these competencies into your professional life:

  • Person-centered Care: Co-create a climate of teamwork to address the healthcare needs of patients, families, and communities using an integrative care approach.
  • Reframe the Healthcare Ecosystem: Synthesize multiple perspectives in order to apply complex aspects of health, social determinants, and policy to influence outcomes in an ecosystem of healthcare.
  • Holistic Framework: Apply a holistic framework to one’s own life to enhance personal growth, health, and resiliency as a professional in the field of integrative care.
  • Evidence-Informed Practice: Contribute to the development of integrative care plans that are evidence-informed, safe, effective, timely, and equitable.