Health Policy & Advocacy

The Center for Healthcare Innovation and Policy (CHIP) informs and influences patient-centered, evidence-informed public policy on behalf of complementary and integrative healthcare providers and patients.

As the central health policy & advocacy hub of the NWHSU, CHIP:

  • Creates and shares new ideas on trends in the healthcare marketplace
  • Disseminates information to health professionals, policymakers, healthcare organizations, and Northwestern Health Sciences University’s campus community
  • Informs state and national legislation related to complementary and integrative health care
  • Develops innovative and strategic relationships with others in the healthcare community
  • Communicates health policy statements on behalf of the University
  • Represents the University at regional and national health policy forums
  • Participates in lobbying efforts at the Minnesota state capitol and in Washington, D.C.
  • Hosts informational community forums on health care issues

CHIP also works collaboratively across the university to prepare Northwestern Health Sciences University graduates for the new opportunities and responsibilities that are emerging as a result of healthcare reform.