NWHSU Mentor Program

Find a Mentor – Be a Mentor!

The NWHSU Mentor Program is a peer mentoring student organization created by students for the purposes of creating a sense of community and opportunity to network within the school.

Anyone can participate, including you!

How it works

The coordinators of the program match two or more people together and encourage them to have consistent contact throughout the trimester and on. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to have weekly meetings to support each other. Mentees can discuss questions and concerns that come up as a they progress in their programs.

The program is also designed to give more advanced students the opportunity to share any helpful tidbits and hints they have picked up during their time in school with incoming students.

We strive to connect students based on a variety of important factors with the goal of sharing personal and academic experience, creating friendships and serving as a resource for our students.

To apply

Pick up and drop off an application in the Student Organizations Room (by the Fireside Lounge) – there is a box on the counter.

If you are interested, contact:

Angela Current, organization president
Nathan Servey, organization vice president
NWHSU Mentor Program

NOTE: The NWHSU Mentor Program is not a tutoring program. If you need academic support, contact a Peer Tutor.